sorry i can not reply to posts

i recently started a thread titled make one new picture from 2 existing  I can not reply to those that have offered advise. when i try i get an error message

internet explorer can not open site 

Operation aborted

a web search indicates that its the web page not liking internet explorer7

I have emailed corel 3 times but apart from the first email I dont think they are not replying

please accept my appologies for not replying if you have offered advice

lucas spare part

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  • Have you tried it both from "quick reply" link and the normal reply button? [I realise you may be unable to answer, but the suggestion is there nevertheless.

    It may also help if you log in first before trying to reply. If you're not already logged in you will be taken to a secure (https) page to enter your password, and a quick look at the source code shows some http links and third party (google) source code, which the browser probably (and probably very rightly) thinks should not be on a page that claims to be secure.

    I've tried it in IE8 and IE9 and both offer to skip the insecure code, but if your browser is configured differently that might not happen.

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