Brush/Eraser Problems in Corel PhotoPaint

So I have the Home and Student X6 suite for Corel and swear by PhotoPaint. However, in recent weeks it's been acting up, and I'm no longer convinced it was an issue with my tablet (Bamboo Wacom- I've had the problems even after redoing the Wacom drivers, which leaves me to think it's a Corel problem).

When I'm trying to draw in PhotoPaint, particularly curved lines or fine details, the cursor seems to lag (for lack of a better word) for a few seconds before catching up, and no matter if I've been drawing a circle or a squiggle it shows as a straight line directly to where my cursor currently is. Holding my cursor in place for a few seconds doesn't seem to do anything, as it does not do anything unless I'm moving.

It gets even better! Half the time I'll lift my pen to go pick a new colour or tool or just move to a new area of the canvas, and it doesn't STOP drawing/erasing and continues in a line after me. The CTRL + Z function has gotten a hell of a workout. As well, Corel will sometimes make my computer freeze up to the point of needing Task Manager to get it unstuck, and I'm hoping that can be fixed with just a reboot of the system.

I'm running Home and Student Suite X6 version (what I can determine from control panel anyway) on Windows 10 (on an HP Pavillion g6 laptop) and an up-to-date Bamboo Wacom tablet and stylus.Like I said, I'm reasonably sure the problem is not with the tablet, as I've used it in other programs with no problems. As far as the Corel problems go, they're active like 80% of the time, with a few odd moments when it works correctly.

Help me, Corel community. You're my only hope.

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