Which effect has been applied to this object?

A couple of years ago, I created a composite image by adding an imported line object from CorelDraw into a Corel Photopaint image and then applying an effect to that object to crate a speckled appearance. I now need to replicate exactly that same appearance but cannot find the effect I originally used. The attached images are the CorelDraw line object and the finished result after importing that object and applying the effect to it in the Corel Photopaint program.

Which menu item will create this effect?

Here's the CorelDraw line object:

Here's that object with the effect applied to it in the final Corel Photopaint image:

There appears to be some transparency involved in this effect, as I used it several times on other images and each time the colouring appears to match the background. Here's another example. Each tie I did this, it was a single menu item that I used and I made no adjustments to the defaults.

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