E-Commerce Catalog Not Working Properly

Hello, I recently was tasked to learn Corel Website Creator. I am running version X6. I am having trouble using the E-Commerce function. I have made a page for products. I have inserted a field using the E-Commerce tool. I have populated my catalog with products and content (pictures, descriptions, pricing, part numbers, etc.). Yet, when I click "done", nothing is filled into the E-Commerce field. It is just a white field with a green border around it. Some things that may be notable:

1. I am running Website Creator X6 on Windows 8.1

2. The small Corel load window that pops up sometimes when the program is making several changes seems to stop very quickly and doesn't appear to finish after clicking "Done" in the Catalog Properties window.

3. In reviewing the code, I can find the definition of the size and shape of the E-Commerce field that I had drawn and a call to run Corel's E-Commerce javascript (store.js), but there is no code for the catalog itself. All I can find in the code are notes left by Corel.

<!-- [BEGIN Catalog1] -->
        <!-- [END PRE-Catalog1] -->
        <!-- [BEGIN POST-Catalog1] -->

<!-- [END Catalog1] -->

If anyone has any information on this problem I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any help in advance.

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  • Notwithstanding my previous post, I did download the free version of NetObjects Fusion. Its catalog worked fine with Windows 8.1, so I paid the upgrade price and got a copy of NetObjects Fusion 2013. Its catalog also works fine.

    One last comment, when I uninstalled Corel Website Creator X6, I got a dialog that indicated a half dozen files essential to the operation of the program were never registered in Windows 8.1. Since I had already obtained NetObjects Fusion, I did not attempt a reload of Corel Website Creator.

    The issue seems to be with Windows 8.1's Registration Database. If one were to attempt to get Creator to work under Windows 8.1, I would recommend uninstalling it, rebooting, and reloading it before running any other program. One might also disable any antivirus program before reloading.
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