X6 64 bit Scanning

I just discovered that X6 Draw and Paint 64 bit won't scan - the options are greyed out. I'm guessing this is because my Epson Twain Driver is 32 bit. Is there any chance this issue will be addressed in a service pack or update, and if so, can anyone guess at the timeline? I don't do that much scanning and if I get X6 I wouldn't want to keep X5 installed just on the off chance that I need to scan. Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    Yes Corel will fix a solution for us later this year, until then though there is a solution out there already in this transition period until Corel come up with their solution in maybe a service pacvk or something. I read they will though.

    The solution right now is a Macro. Well its actuall something called "User Control" a new feature with CorelDRAW X6, but for plain talk call it a Macro. Softbotz a great programmer company who loves CorelDRAW made the macro.

    I actually use it myself and wrote about it on my blog http://stefanlindblad-english.blogspot.se/2012/03/scanning-coreldraw-x6-64-bit-macro-from.html


    Thing is that many scanner manufacturers either havent supplied a 64 bit driver due to age of the model or like in Canons case where they got me buying a new scanner saying it was a 64 bit scanner, which it turned not to be. In my link attached I link to that blog article as well.

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