View Enhanced<--->Simple Wireframe

Is there in X5/X6 any kind possibilities to have default SHIFT F9 switch between Enhanced and Simple Wireframe? Every time when start new file it is  necessary to do switch between Enhanced and Simple Wireframe, how Corel remember this two options.

  • I have a very simple macro and I have an icon assigned to it and on a custom tool bar. When I click on the macro, it toggles the view between Wire Frame and Enhanced view. This macro can have a key assigned to it, as most other custom commands and macros can. (menu:Tools->Customization).

    Here is the content of the simple macro:


    Sub ToggleView()
        ' Generated 12/04/2008
        ' Description:
        '                Toggles between Enhanced with OverPrints view and
        '                WireFrame view
        If ActiveWindow.ActiveView.Type = cdrWireframeView Then
            ActiveWindow.ActiveView.Type = cdrEnhancedViewWithOverprints
            ActiveWindow.ActiveView.Type = cdrWireframeView
        End If
    End Sub


  • You'll find Wireframe and Enhanced under Tools > Customisation > Commands > View so should be able to assign keystrokes there.

    But you might have to hunt around to find an unused key combination -- I don't know of an easy way to tell which keystrokes are currently spare.


  • Hugh, your solution is almost perfect (perfect would be, that it is incorporated in X6).
    Thx a lot.

    harry, this what you think is ToggleView SHIFT-F9.

  • To make CorelDraw remember switch/toggle between Enhanced and Wireframe, here goes a little trick.

    Do exactly in this order.

    1- Open a CDR file, eg: "first.cdr"

    2- Open another CDR file, eg: "second.cdr"

    3- Go to menu Window and select the "first.cdr"

    4- Close "first.cdr" (will not ask to save as you didn't change anything)

    As you close "first.cdr" you'll be working at "second.cdr"

    5- Go to menu View choose Wireframe

    6- Go to menu View choose Enhanced

    7- Close "second.cdr" (will not ask to save as you didn't change anything)

    8- Close CorelDraw


    Open CorelDraw again, open any file, and test switching with SHIFT+F9 shortcut key.


    Worked for me at X3, never tried another version.


    Enjoy it.