CDX6 EPS Import Error

I purchased and downloaded an EPS file from a reputable site,, but trying to open or import this EPS file into CorelDRAW X6 resulted in the following error:

"An error occurred while processing vectorstock_782709.epx. The file cannot be opened."

My roommate, however, with his Adobe Illustrator CS2, was able to open the file just fine on his Mac. This may be due to a font issue? Anyway, he safely converted it into AI format and I was then able to open it.

As a disclaimer, I am providing this EPS file strictly for testing purposes and NOT commercial use. If you wish to obtain a license, you may download it at the following link:

That said, here is a direct link from my public Dropbox to the file itself:

And here is the file converted into AI format:

That should be ample information.