GDG Macros Lesson 15 Part 2: Get Colors, turn them into a String, and place in a Collection


This is PART 2 so make sure you saw part one of lesson 15.

As always If anyone wants to contribute to these posts with any tips or things to add I think it would be great.

You could let us know:

-How you do it (or better).

-Your suggestions

-Any screw up I said or did in the video.

-Any extra tips about the subject.



  • I made it this far until I realized the code probably doesnt work for x6.


    Option Explicit

    Private Sub cmdGetCols_Click()
        Dim s As Shape, sr As ShapeRange
        Dim strCols$
        Dim colCol1 As New Collection
        Set sr = ActiveSelectionRange
        For Each s In sr
            If s.Fill.Type = cdrUniformFill Then
                   strCols = s.Fill.UniformColor.ToString
            End If
        Next s
    End Sub


    Probably wont do me any good continuing this tutorial?