GDG Macros Lesson 16 part 1 of 8: Save many color value groups to the registry as presets


Bear with me on this continuation from lesson 15. We continue to build this macros.

This time we will save all of the color values in the registry as a user nameable preset.

Later in Lesson 17 we will retrieve them, fill a combo box, and let the user select and do something with them.

This lesson teaches many new functions we haven't yet used such as GetAllSettings, and DeleteSettings.

This one is longer so please try to follow along as our macro gets more and more complex.

I will attach gms file in final part 8.

Here's part 1:

As always If anyone wants to contribute to these posts with any tips or things to add I think it would be great.

You could let us know:

-How you do it (or better).

-Your suggestions

-Any screw up I said or did in the video.

-Any extra tips about the subject.