Can't download Corel X6

Hello can somebody please help me?

Corel x6 will not download onto my laptop and I am currently paying for subscriptions. 

I have looked on my confirmation email for a "Customer Support Number"  but this just doesn't exist!  So it appears there is no online back-up for this rather expensive monthly fee. ........Unbelievable !!!!!


Corel keeps crashing every time I type and then press space bar.

I have lost loads of money with lost customers and the whole support thing with Corel Draw is so frustrating that I am now looking to purchase "Adobe Illustrator" as I have been informed it is much more stable.

I have removed the program / deleted all temp files / restarted my laptop on numerous occasion whilst trying to download corel draw x6 but I keep coming up against the same problem :

"Corel can not find the set-up files"

"Corel download has not been completed"

I have tried this for nearly 4 hours now and I still don't have a working program .

Does anybody know if you can request a refund for faulty products?