extend line to intersect

Hi there.

Is there a way to extend a line to intersect with another? As you can see in this picture, the red lines ends before it intersects (connects) to the black line.

I'm looking for something, which "searches" in a specific distance, f.e. 1 mm, for other lines. A work-around would be to extrapolate the line for the distance and cut the part, which is beyond an intersected line...

What do you think?


Edit: These are imported lines. I'm looking for a scripted solution (VBA).


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  • Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I still cant seem to find a function that does this, especially with multiple objects.

    In my case, I have a circle, with multiple lines radiating out at specific spacing. They sit just outside the circle, and I want to be able to select the lines, hit extend, choose my border (the circle) and have it ... extend. Much like in Autocad (where you can do this by holding shift with the trim command) 

    Im working in 2017 if that makes a difference. 

    (I tried Shelby's macro, it did not work)