CorelDraw X6 32bit or 64bit?

Hello everyone, I am running CorelDraw X6 on a 32 bit Windows XP system and am having quite a bit of problems with it.  Worked with X4 for 2 years and now I can't do MANY of the things I had done before. I was trying to check to see if I have the 64 version installed (if that's even possible) on my 32 bit system.  How do I know which program is running and how can I change this if it's the wrong one?  Thanks again for the help.

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  • I have been unimpressed with Corel's support on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 (the 2020 version), where (without informing users prior to purchase, as in we are left to discover this major issue on our own afterward), Corel has ELIMINATED the ability to install both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite together on the same system, which means that we can no longer use our 32-bit Photoshop plug-ins on the same machine where we use our 64-bit plugins.  Rather than offering to work to fix the issue for 2020 users, Corel simply states, "since CDGS2019, we can't any longer install the 32bit and 64bit of CDGS side by side. Please make a decision on what version you need to install."  That, of course, is total BS, and leaves users without an acceptable solution, and the worst part is, as I noted, Corel does NOT inform upgraders to 2020 that they will not longer be able to install the 32-bit version AND the 64-bit version of the suite on the same computer.
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