CDR files to PDF in large quantity

We have close to 11k of CDR files that we need to convert into PDF files because a great number of these CDR files have multiple pages in them. I'd like to be able to do this as a batch process.

I've tried this product called FoxPDF CDR to PDF converter, but it doesn't work. All it does is convert it to a PDF file, but inside the file there is  nothing but a very large red pixelated shape in every single PDF file it creates. I've tried it on about 20 CDR files.

I couldn't seem to find a macro that can batch convert CDR to PDF on

Does anyone know of a great way to do this on a large number of files?


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  • Has there been any new features in CorelDraw that would allow batch conversion of CDR files to PDF files?

    We are still looking at converting around 15k CDR files into PDF files and would like to also be able to embed fonts into the PDF file to avoid future missing font errors.

    Most of our CDR files are fairly simple without any speciall effects like bitmap blurs, transparencies or anything like that.

    Is there a newer macro, working macro or new type of software that will consistently be able to do this?

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