How do you merge all pages to one page?

Hey guys so I'm new to the forum, but I have checked out some of the other posts and they have been really helpful. This time I can't seem to find a post that answers my question. I checked out the macro for the consecutive numbers by using the print merge option. I found out that using the print merge and merging it to a new document does exactly what I needed to do to be as efficient as possible, except if i need to number 120 labels, it opens up 120 pages on the document. I was wondering if anyone knows how to merge the pages to have 1 page with all 120 labels. I know there is a way to put as many labels as possible on a page when using a regular printer, but  I'm printing on viynil and theres a cut contour I need, so regular printing is out of the question. If anyone can help that'd be really great. 

  • If your labels are 4x4" then you need to use a design page of 4x4". Then when the macro has generated your 120 pages in that size, add a master page layer and on that layer put your cutcontour. The master page will be added to all 120 pages when they are printed.

    Now you can print the imposition.

    • Have the above document open.
    • File > Print
    • Select your printer and go to the preferences button
    • Set your page size to 60x40" (or bigger if needed, to allow for unprintable margins).
    • Use the Print Preview button, which will initially show just page 1 in the middle of the page
    • Select the imposition tool:

    •  Choose the correct number of rows and columns. You should now see icons representing pages 1,2,3,4 etc:

    • If you need gutters, click on those scissors icons:

      then set the gutter size in the toolbar
    • Still in print preview, click on the pick tool and you should then see a "real" preview.
    • File > Print should actually print the imposition.


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