document grid won't let me group objects

I am trying to group 10 objects together but every time i try to group them I get a message saying "Operation could not be completed. Active layer document grid is locked or invisible." 

But even when i turn on the document layer visibility it still won't let me group them, and I can't turn the print or edit buttons on. What do I do?

  • I don't think you can put objects on the grid layer -- it is usually locked and cannot be unlocked.

    You probably need to select a different layer first.


  • I had a related problem and figured out what's going on. In short, change the active layer by clicking on the layer name in Object Manager.

    In more detail: In the object manager, there is an active layer highlighted in red. Even though you select objects in another layer, the active layer remains the same - that's the part that was confusing to me. However, I now understand that CorelDraw will place the grouped object in the active layer, even if all of the selected objects are in another layer. Thus if the active layer is locked/invisible, the new grouped object can't be paced there, which is why CorelDraw gives an error.

    I'm not 100% sure this will fix the document grid error, but it seems like it should.

  • Make a New Layer ,

    Move all Object to new layer

    Del The Troubling layer. 

    Simple n Solved