How is CorelDRAW X6 Education Edition being hobbled?

Over the years, I've bought the occasional software package from JourneyEd, as I'm a teacher with precious little means and need any break I can get. I know I bought CorelDRAW 11, X5, and X6 from them.

I have only recently started using the copy of X5 I bought, and have noticed some odd things. Of course, it has (Not for commercial use) in the title bar. It's garish, but not a big deal. But a lot of keyboard shortcuts do not work, and that is a hassle for someone who has relied on them for years. Most everything I've done with X5 thus far has been fairly basic, so I can't say what other features have been disabled. I've read something about a watermark, but nothing I've printed has had one (I would be livid if it did).

I can't find any authoritative online reviews of the Education Editions. I've read reviews, but they aren't exactly enlightening.

Has anyone out there had any experience with these versions and can say, conclusively, what has been disabled or crippled in them?

Here's a link to X6:

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X6 | Student Discount at