A little macro toy for stupidly fast and easy image export

Hello all. A notification email brought me back here so I thought I would share my little export panel that got an overhaul recently.  There are a couple of export automation macros, but I feel many are so complex they make you NOT want to use them for smaller tasks.

Well, mine is the exact opposite - you very quickly set your options and export to desktop. That's it. Here's an example (click it, it's an animated gif):

Pick all pages or current page of all open documents or current document, set your image size as pixels or dpi, color depth and you are good to go. The grayed out image format is actually the active one.

It doesn't save settings as most of the time I need to prepare RGB jpegs for client approval so it defaults to that every time you open it. But it's also a perfectly usable powerful tool for exporting print files.

If nothing is selected it will export a pretty page-sized rectangle, if something is selected it will export that selection only.

Have fun!