Characters Spacing Not being applied to spaces

I am working with a monospaced font, however I need to adjust the character spacing to meet my desired text layout. The curious thing, is that the character spacing is not applied to spaces as it applied to every other character.  I can also adjust the word spacing, however that only adjusts a single space in a continuous string of spaces.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the "space" between space characters??

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  • Although this thread is quite old I'd like to add my 2 cents to it because I was googling for the same problem and found the reason myself:

    If you apply "Full Justify" horizontal text alignment to text using the Paragraph button or text object properties, whitespace spacing will be controlled by the justification algorithm. That algorithm, however, doesn't take character or word spacing into account. (Hmm, a bug? Shouldn't be by design, I'd tend to believe.)

    Just wanted to share my findings, so anyone else encountering the same problem will find the reason behind this here.

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