Macro for independent flipping of multiple objects from left to right without altering their orientation

I posted a similar question around a year ago and one member kindly wrote a macro for me.  The problem is it seems to flip every element on the page or document, when when you select just one element.

Anyhow, to explain it better I need a macro that will flip objects from left to right/right to left but which leaves the objects facing the same way as they started.  A perfect example is a clockface -  I'd need the 3 to move to where the 9 normally is and vice versa, but without the two numbers mirroring so that they aren't back to front.  This needs to happen with multiple objects at the same time.  Unless I've missed something I can't see this feature in X7.  So basically, it's the flip feature without mirroring.

I use X7 and sometimes CD12.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.