X6 Macro Editor won't open and can't record macros either

Hello good people.

I am using X6 on a 32-bit Win 7 machine and for quite a while now I've been unable to open the macro editor or even record macros.

When I click the record macro button it opens the dialog to name the macro and choose a save location, I can enter a name and a description but the "Save Macro In" section is blank and I can't click in the frame, also the "OK" button is greyed out.

When I click the Macro Editor button or hit Alt+F11 absolutely nothing happens.

Any idea what is going on and what I can do to fix this?

BTW, I don't have the disc to do a fresh install, it is a licensed version, the disc has just been misplaced. (is there anything I can do about this?)

And I have tried running VSTA setup and passing CorelDRAW in as the hostid through the command prompt but nada!