CorelDraw x6 macro solution

I am new in macro. I want to do the following things with macro:

1. get every paragraph text's width, height, horizontal position, vertical position, font name, font type, font color, font size, text value.

2. Then put above information into another paragraph text.

Is this possible? If possible, then how?

Thanks in advance.

  • Start learning VBA by looking at the code that Corel generates in response to your actions. To do this, go to the Tools menu and select the Macro Record command. Take the necessary actions, then stop recording the macro in the same menu. After that, start the VBA-editor, and find the RecordMacros module there. There will be received code.

    It may not make sense to copy many of these properties, but it’s easier to copy the entire paragraph and change only the text in the copy.

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