Creating Icon for Userform, linkink Macros or a table to Userform's listbox


I'm really new to this VBA macro thingy. I have to create graphics and texts for stampers daily and I want to make a userform that lists the different stamper types in a listbox and if you select one and push the command button it will create it's cutting border in the middle of the screen.

I recorded myself creating the cutting borders of the most common stampers and put it in a userform with buttons for each one, but I don't like it very much. I already have all the stampers and their sizes in a google datasheet, if I could use those infos in the list, that would be the best. I have the height and the width of the cutting borders with the name of the stampers.

Also I don't know how to put an icon for the userform in Corel. I did it for macros but I can't seem to find a way to do the same with forms.

Can someone please help me? Even a link to an actually helpful tutorial would suffice.

  • HI, I might be able to help with one of the problems, you need to create a macro to open the user form.

    the code below will open my user form that is named Cut_list  the vbmodeless is optional it allows you to still work in Corel with the userform open.

    once you have a macro created then you can assign a picture or icon   

    Sub Cut_List_open()
    Cut_List.Show vbModeless
     End Sub

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