Moving items from one file to another.

Hi guys new here. My question is, ages ago I had a feature that if I was working on one client's file while having another clients file open it enabled me to move an item ( say a Facebook logo) off one file & move it to the other file by moving the cursor down over the Corel logo at the bottom of the screen, the other opened files would appear at the baseline & I would choose which file I wanted to select & just drag it into that file. This feature seems to have disappeared & I can't figure out how to get it back. Any ideas ?  I'm thinking maybe I turned some feature off or something basic like that. Would appreciate any help. Cheers Mick

  • I think you are probably remembering back to a time when CorelDRAW did not have a user interface that supported multiple documents, and you were dragging down to the Windows task bar to switch to a different CorelDRAW window before dropping the object you had picked up.

    Have you tried using Copy and Paste?