How to convert to Multichannel Bitmap .. it is possible in adobe illustrator

Convert to Multichannel Bitmap is not available in coreldraw 2020.

I had created a multi channel bitmap in illustrator.. by grouping vector pantone gradation, cmyk bitmaps and vector.
The same AI file when imported in Coreldraw .. the bitmap showed as Multichannel Bitmap in the bottom status bar.

My question is why can't we do this in coreldraw. Convert a set of grouped objects, (Vector, CMYK, Pantone etc)in to a Multichannel Bitmap. I don't want the pantone shades to be converted to CMYK. 

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  • You did not create a Multichannel Bitmap at all. You simply created some shapes with different color "types" then grouped them. The same can be done with Corel. Create the same shapes and colors group them then export out as a pdf with the right pdf settings.

    Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding your meaning.

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