Bug Importing image with embedded CMYK color profile.

Hello Community,

CorelDraw X8 here, color management configured as follow:

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  • Tool-> Color Management-> Default settings -> Main color mode -> CMYK

Default Color management settings

  • Settings -> Primary color Mode -> CMYK

I have exported some pictures as JPEG with embeded CMYK color profile (the predetermined one).

Then, I create New document -> Import the JPEG image with attached CMYK profile. The program prompts me with the following popup window:

Question: Why does the program warn me that RGB color profile is missing as if the image could have 2 attached profiles? I mean: If the color profile of the imported image matches the system's default color mode, why does the system warn me that the image is missing the color profile of a different color system?

The same does not happen in the opposite case: If I export the image with an embedded sRGB color profile (the predetermined one) and re-import it into a new document, then the program lets pass it directly without asking anything in any pop-up window. This behavior seems quite logical to me, since the image profile matches the system default (and it doesn't ask me what happens with the CMYK profile, as if the image could have 2 attached profiles).

Do you think this is a bug, or am I missing something?

Happy new year.