Convert PDF to editable drawings in coreldraw x7

Hello and good day.. You may have heard of the recent Paradise CAMP FIRE where over 10,000 homes were burned to the ground..  Mine was one of them.. I lost 10tb of data and my entire computer system.

Including my drawings I made in Corel x7 for my patent applications..   I drew them in Draw and then saved them as PDF as that is how they have to be to apply for a patent. 

I lost all of my original Draw files for the drawings for all of my patents..

I have gotten PDF copies from the Patent Office of my patents..

I have tried to import them and/or open them hoping I could edit the drawings(there by saving me hours and hours of tracing by rote and rebuilding all of the parts and objects I have made through the years..   

Is there a way that I can import/convert/open manipulate the PDF drawing pages of my patent app so that I can edit them as a coreldraw file again?

Please help.. I have two provisional apps that need to be converted soon and if I have to change or alter any of the drawings I will have to start from scratch if I cannot find a way to do this..

Thank you for you help.


  • I'm very sorry about what happened to you.

    Regarding the PDF depends on the choices made when exporting as PDF, usually if you choose compatibility with Acrobat 8.0 or higher you should have no problem.

    If you want, you can add a file or send it to me as a private message to do some test.

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