Breaking up an artistic text with a macro

I am using CorelDRAW X7. I want to use a macro to break an artistic text into its indvidual characters (not curves).
The demonstration macro below creates the string "123 456 789" and tries to do the breaking using BreakApartEx.
But this only breaks the string at the spaces, and the ShapeRange, which the function BreakApartEx should produce according to "Help",
only consists of a single shape containing "123", the other two shapes containing "456" and "789" are not members.
By naming the original shape, I can break those up with more calls to BreakApartEx.

So how should I procede to get a collection of all the individual characters (in this case nine)?

How can I check wheather a string is breakable like the one given or not breakable (as "1")?
CorelDRAW can distinguish the two cases: If I try breaking a string manually using the command "Object | Break Apart",
then this command is active if the selected string contains more than one charakter, but grayed out otherwise.

By the way, is it possible to *permanently* enable the button for "Macro Editor", some registry setting perhaps?

Sub BreakCreativeTextApart()
    Dim i As Long
    Dim AT As Shape, shp As Shape
    Dim Brk As ShapeRange
    Set AT = ActiveLayer.CreateArtisticText(20, 20, "123 456 789", , , "Times New Roman")
    AT.Name = "Digits"
    Debug.Print AT.Name, AT.Type
    Set Brk = AT.BreakApartEx
    For i = 1 To Brk.Count
        Debug.Print i, Brk.Item(i).Type
    Next i
    For Each shp In ActivePage.Shapes
        If shp.Name = "Digits" Then
        End If
    Next shp
End Sub

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  • Thank you, Eskimo, for the link, which indicates, that this is a bug.

    I have experimented a little more, and written the function below, which does the breakup by naming the shape and counting the number of shapes with this name before and after the breaking-apart operations.

    I added the statement sr.OrderReverse, but this does not produce what I expected: If the members of the shape range sr, initially were, say 1, 2, ..., N, then after the call to OrderReverse, the members would appear in the sequence N, N-1, ..., 2, 1. But apparently this is not what happens. So what is OrderReverse really doing?

    Gosh, when answering this, I cant find the option to change the font of the function below to Courier, as I did yesterday! And selecting the text and using "Tools | Source code" produces gibberish.

    Function BreakShapeApart(Expression As Shape) As ShapeRange
        Dim Token As String, shp As Shape, sr As New ShapeRange
        Dim CountBefore As Long, CountAfter As Long
        Token = Expression.Name
            CountBefore = ActivePage.Shapes.Count
            For Each shp In ActivePage.Shapes
                If shp.Name = Token Then shp.BreakApartEx
            Next shp
            CountAfter = ActivePage.Shapes.Count
        Loop Until CountAfter = CountBefore
        For Each shp In ActivePage.Shapes
            If shp.Name = Token Then sr.Add shp
        Next shp
        Set BreakShapeApart = sr
    End Function

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