Animated GIF - Issue with frames loading

I am creating a card in CorelDraw and trying to make an animated GIF out of it.

When I am in photo paint I created my frames (4) I copied and pasted my frame 1, but when I try and copy and paste my next frame (2) it replaced the image on all the frames

So it's showing frame 1 and 2 as the same.  What am I missing, how am I able to paste my frames correctly with the different images?  Thanks!

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  • Hey

     When you copy and paste illustration on let's say first frame of the movie/gif, Photo Paint places the illustration on all frames. If you try to delete it from other frames it deletes all, also from the first one. Besides, if you copy and paste second illustration (as you posted), it deletes previous one and exchange it with the new one on all frames.

     The solution is:

    1. Copy and paste illustration on the first frame.
    2. Right-click the illustration and click Combine Objects With Background. That way it disappears from other frames and it stays only on wanted frame.
    3. Copy and paste next illustration on the second frame. And do the same procedure.

    Hope this helps

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