How to colorize a B&W photo?

Hi -

Anyone know either of the following? -

1. How to colorize a B&W photo in Corel Photo-Paint, Version 7.0?

2. How to colorize a B&W photo in any decent, free or very inexpensive colorizing software program that's simple to use, such that it may even do it automatically for the user with very few, simple steps or processes?

For now, I want to colorize just 1 particular B&W photo, the following 1981 headshot of actress Christine Lahti from the Richard Dreyfuss drama movie "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" -

Is it even possible to somehow get a kind someone to colorize just this 1 particular photo for me, either for free or just a very small fee?  So far I've already tried several "highly-recommended" free software programs on the 'Net, but have been frustrated so far because it seems that all of them are either too complicated to use (for advanced users rather than beginners) or all they seem to do is tint the photo slightly in a hue that's almost the same as either her facial skin or her hair color.  I don't know what color her lipstick/lips are supposed to be, but at least I know that her eyes are supposed to be either hazel or brown.

Any help whatsoever would be very much appreciated - THANKS!

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