CDX7 into WC X7

Hi People. Please help. I am busy redoing my company website and doing all the basic layout and design in CD X7. Is there a way I can take the Corel file into WC X7 and edit without having to actually redo everything. I am new to WC so this is my first project. Thanks all.

  • Coreldraw is a great product, website creator was just thrown in, I guess as an extra selling point. It's not really integrated like that. There was a point where WYSIWIG editors worked ok, but now a days sites are so dynamic and there is usually more than one language involved (html,css,php,javascript,ajax etc.)

    I've tried Dreamweaver even and am not impressed with that either. I find now it's much easier just to edit manually. That said, if you want to get a decent looking website, your time may be better spent eaither having someone else do it or get into those languages.
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