Control layer stacking order for all pages

I know we can change the stacking order of layers in the Object Manager/Layer Manager View. But I can't find an opportunity to change the stacking order of the layers for all pages at once, you seem to have to do that manually on each page. If only the Master Layers were stacked at the bottom by default this wouldn't be a big problem, but they are not, according to the Help file:

"By default, the master layers are applied above local layers. You can change the order of the master layers relative to local layers by clicking a page name, enabling the Layer manager view button at the top of the Object manager docker, and dragging a layer name to a new position in the layers list."

I can't se the logic of that decision to make the Master layers on the top as default. Normally (at least for me) I want some page background appear on all sides, then I of course want them at the back.

So, if there isn't a tool for changing the stacking order for all pages in one command, please make one. I believe this was easier before we got independent layers on every page. But since we have that now, we also need more powerful tools to handle them. This also goes for grid and guideline layers.

I might be wrong, since this is such a glaring omission if true, so please direct me to the button for changing the layer stacking order for all pages if there is one. I mean, do they really mean that we should do this by hand for each page separately???