Exporting complex transparencies and gradient designs from CorelDraw 2020 to PDF and losing gradient colour definition

Hello all,

I am designing various posters and adverts for print in CMYK using the CMYK profile in CorelDraw 2020 with proof colours turned on. I often lay gradients and transparencies over jpgs and my own vector designs. I have ensured my gradient mid points are at 50% and I've activated smooth transition.

When I export the files to PDF, using ISO Coasted v (ECI) embedded and all text exported as curves

1. My PDF file sizes can be absolutely huge, such as 100MB or even 800MB.

2. The transparencies drop out or are rendered differently in different programs eg. MS Edge to Acrobat Pro.

3. One print shop called to say that they could see the edges of all my gradient shape layers even if the gradient was 100% transparent at or well before the edge.

ORIGINAL COREL VECTOR - the white trims are all vector 100 to 0 % gradients laid over a colour gradient layer.

ADOBE ACROBAT PDF losing the transparency (MS Edge looks as good as the original)

If I convert this design to BMP is loses it beautiful crispness and the PDF file size rockets higher still.

There's been some excellent guidance on this forum about these sorts of issues but nothing has helped to resolve my particular issue. I'm sure there's a guru out there who'll swat this in a single blow.

Thanks everyone.


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