CorelDraw x7 on the MAC ?

Hi guys , can someone tell me why CorelDraw X7 is only on Windows and not the Mac . Is it because Corel can not programme for mac, or did Corel fall out with Apple ?

Just do not understand , I have X6 on Windows and have had since the fist version of CorelDraw suite 6 . And have really enjoyed using for years . Just happens my wiffy wanted to get an iMac ,and you just can not understand the disappointment we have in finding out that version X7 is still ONLY Windows . I have tried many forums to find out if it would work with VM or parallel s  . And I have not read a review yet to say they are happy running CorelDraw on Mac as of yet .

Would or could someone advise a good way of running CorelDraw X7 on the MAC please . .

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  • Could also be an image issue. Not that CD has a bad image as such. But is seen first and foremost as a Windows program. And Windows is still even today and wrongly seen as inferior to the Mac platform. This makes many if not most within the design industry Mac biased. As a result, CD loses out on the Mac even though it is superior to Illustrator in many key areas and can even go toe to toe with InDesign for page layout too in many ways.

    Serif make a wide range of programs for Windows, but have announced some new Mac progs. They'll be kicking of with one called Affinity:

    Thus leaving their PagePlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus and PhotoPlus for Windows only.

    Which sorta suggests Core may have to do similar if courting the Mac crowd. Create something ne and rebranded from the ground up.

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