Edit Bitmap Not Working in X7

I recently upgraded from X6 to X7.  I cannot get the edit bitmap feature to work, it is grayed out.  I had this same problem when upgrading from X5 to X6.  That problem was rectified by a re-install and reboot.  After perusing the forum, I have tried, to no avail the following:

1.) Did a complete uninstall of all Corel products.  Ran CCleaner to clean up registry entries.  Did a complete reinstall.  Rebooted.  Did not fix.

2.) Went into both Corel Photo-Paint and CorelDraw and reset the "Associate" file extensions under Tools/Options.  Made sure that CPT was selected in Corel Photo-Paint.  Double checked the association in Windows explorer.  Did not fix.

3.) Reset my workspaces (F8) command during start-up.  Did not fix.

4.) Removed my workspaces under C:\Users\sccarter.DDS\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7\Draw\Workspace.  Restarted CorelDraw.  Did not fix.

5.) Uninstalled Corel Windows Shell.  Reinstalled Corel under custom options and installed the shell.  Did not fix.


6.) Waved my magic wand, did a chant, said a prayer.  Did not fix.

I am running Windows 7, 64 bit version of x7.

If any other users have experienced this same problem and was able to fix it, please forward the magic potion to me... it would be much appreciated!