PDF Import Problems

Certain PDF files that I import, after the text/curves and font substitution dialogs fail to import due to a "The file is corrupted." error:

I don't have much hope that the issue will be corrected in the source application so I'm hoping there may be some possibility of Corel fixing this. I had hoped it would be fixed in X7 but it wasn't.

I've included an example at this link:


The original file can't be imported into CorelDraw but works fine in every other application I've tried it in such as Adobe Acrobat, Firefox and Chrome (using their native PDF readers), Windows 8.1 preview app, Android PDF readers, etc.

While it's likely there is something non-standard in the original file, CorelDraw is the only application to make a fuss about it and clearly there is enough information in there for proper rendering so I just need CorelDraw to ignore whatever error it's encountering.

I've found that loading and re-saving such files in Acrobat Pro does not fix them - they still cannot be imported. However, if I load them in Acrobat Pro and save using the "Optimize" option, the resulting PDF can be imported without error. Examples of these 2 re-saved files are included in the link above.

While the save Optimized is a suitable workaround, I sometimes have to work with many such files at the same time and since there does not appear to be any way to automate or run through the command line the save Optimized procedure in Acrobat I have to do so for each file individually which is slow and tedious. I'd love to see this issue fixed in CorelDraw.

I also wonder if there is any way to make font substitution choices persistent so that they are automatically applied without confirmation through a dialog every time I import a PDF. Similarly for the text/curves dialog. There are very few cases were I'd want to import text as curves so I'd much rather be able to set a default and have PDF files imported without interaction with an option somewhere to restore the dialogs when I need them. Again, for a few imports this is not a big deal but when I have to import many it would save me much time and frustration if I could just drag a stack of files to CorelDraw and have them all import automatically without pestering me further.