RAM and Best Graphics Card for CD X6 / X7


We do a lot of artwork that contain small very detailed items.  One such file contains in excess of 340k Objects, and some have even more.  Screen refresh times become an issue whenever trying to do *anything*.

Currently running Win7-SP1 (64BIT), i7-3610QM, 8GB RAM, 256GB-SSD.

Whilst a general performance improvement is always good, for improved video performance specifically, would I be better to:

_____(a) upgrade to 16GB RAM

_____(b) install a Quadro (K1100M? K2100M?) graphics card

_____(c) both


  • I did a test a while back in a file with a lot of objects and found that CorelDraw processed it a lot faster as groups of objects rather than a lot of individual objects -- so if you had 340 groups of 1000 objects, it would probably work more efficiently than having each objects as an individual item.

    But at 340K objects, I'm guessing that there may be things in the file that could be better constructed. An example is if you imported a texture from some other program. In the other program, it might have been a simple shape with a brick fill. But the program would have to export it as hundreds of individual bricks.

    The best way of handling a problem like that is to go back to the original program and delete the brick fill. It will then import as a single, simple shape and you can add a suitable brick fill within CorelDraw which will keep the shape as a single object.


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