Arching Text Placement at the Bottom of Circle

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Please download the "Arching_Text_Placement_in_CorelDraw.cdr" file from the following Link - So, how should I make that "ABCDEFGH" as Arch within the Black Color Width?

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    This is actually rather, no it is very easy to do.

    First of all you must to Fit Text to Path. It doesn't matter where or how you position the text, it will be adjusted later.
    Then, for all text at the bottom of a circle you must mirror both vertically and horizontally to make it run in the right direction. Do this by clicking the two icons in Property Bar when the Text is selected.
    Next thing is to drag the text to the bottom of the circle, which is easy to do by simply dragging the red "diamond".

    Two things may be helpful when doing this:
    1. As you drag the text around you'll notice that is in not easy to make it stay in desired vertical position. What you can do is to press and hold Shift when you have found the approximately right position, and the text will stick to that position as long as you hold Shift.
    2. You will see a vertical red line going through the text while dragging, either on the left or right side, or the center. This line snaps to vertical and horizontal alignment points along the circle.

    When you're done, you can fine tune the vertical adjustment using the box in Property Bar.
    You may also need to adjust the distance between characters, which can be done with the Shape tool, or via the Property Bar or Text Properties docker.
    (After doing this you may have to adjust the position sideways again.)


    Edit: And check out Mike's link.

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