YinkaMacs: Collection of CorelDraw Macros 2019

Here are free bunch of macros that can help anyone

Resume Work

It saves and remembers the last view in a saved document to help in resuming your work on exact moment you left it.

Open files

This is file manager that open and manage files easily and quickly like moving, copying, deleting, etc.

Recent Files

Tracks and stores recently opened documents since installation of the macro. Click to learn more

Export to JPG

It facilitates exporting of documents to Jpeg format only with pre-defined settings. Click to see its features.

Save As

Save As with more features.  Click to see its features.


It saves the document by maintaining the CorelDraw version of the document


Convert text to curves, drop shadow to bitmap, scale outline, etc. Click to learn more


It gives effects like 3D, reflection effects, etc. Click to know more


Duplicate your objects and pages. Click to see its features

Copy to File

Copy object to new document quickly; copy from one opened files to another. Click for details.

Convert to Bitmap

Converts objects to bitmaps. Click to see its features

Advanced File Search

Search for text in multiple CorelDraw documents. Read More

Line Spacing

Increase and Decrease Line Spacing and Before Paragraph Spacing. Learn more

Paragraph Line Spacing

This macro applies the specified percentage of your line spacing as Before Paragraph spacing.
Note: It works on a selected paragraph in paragraph text.

Move Objects / Pages

Move objects and sort pages. Click to learn more


Page numbering and ID numbers. Click  to see its features

Reverse Pages

Reverse your pages. Click to see its features

Color Replacer

This macro can find and replace any color in a selection, active page, etc in a CorelDraw document. Thanks to Alex Vakulenko and wOxxOm


This macro is good for those deals with booklet. Among its features is Extract Pages,  Click to see more of its features.


Amongst it features are Show/Hide Guidelines, Split Objects into Pages, etc. Click to see more of its features.

GMS Manager

This manages the GMS in CorelDraw even without restarting CorelDraw. Thanks to wOxxOm.


  • Open File Location of GMS
  • Delete GMS
  • 64 bit Compatibility

Specific Area

Work on specific areas like deleting ungrouping, resizing, etc. in your document. Click to learn more.

Switch Document

Switch between opened documents with mouse clicks. Click to see more features.

Batch Resave

Resave multiple files to CorelDraw. Read

Compatibility: CorelDraw X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, 2017, 2018, 2019 - 32 bit and 64 bit