Text - Bitmap - Trace? How to write macros?

Good day Dear Users of CD and residents of community

Because of changings of workprocess in my job, it is needeful to me to write macros.

So, I started to explore VBA. And now I should write macros which will do two actions: Convert Text to Bitmap, and Trace that Bitmap (Text - Bitmap - Trace)

However, it turned out to be not as easy as I thought. I've read a lot of manuals and got confused.

Can anyone to HELP ME with writing this macros, PLEASE?

This is very urgent. I need to run this macro by the end of this week.

Dear Professionals and Experts in macros, as well as good-natured people, help, please...

P.S.  I found one macro from the forum. But unfortunately it works halfway.

Dim OrigSel As ShapeRange, BMap As Shape, Tracd
Set OrigSel = ActiveSelectionRange
Set BMap = OrigSel.ConvertToBitmapEx(cdrGrayscaleImage, False, False, 1200, cdrNoAntiAliasing, True, False, 95)
Set Tracd = BMap.Bitmap.Trace(cdrTraceLineArt, 100, 100, cdrColorCMYK)
Debug.Print TypeName(Tracd)


Maybe it can help you...