Removal of Hyperlinks

I realise this has been asked many times previously but has anyone got definitive answer to the perennial ‘hyperlink’ question?

Is it possible to remove the hyperlink from email/website address when pasting text into CorelDraw?

Currently I’m having to paste the email/website address as ‘text’ and then re-format it then copy and paste it into my body copy.

It’s a pain.

Does anyone have an answer?

PS: I have unchecked the ‘Automatically create hyperlinks when typing web address’ under QuickCorrec!

  • I made myself a little macro that opens and pastes the text to notepad then re-copies it, whereby, stripping all formatting then I can paste into my existing line of text. Drop the macro icon to my toolbar and use it quite often. select the text from the web, MS Word etc.and copy, jump over to corel and without anything selected, hit the icon and BAM! Now set the cursor where you want to insert and hit paste.

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