CorelDRAW X7 - Pasting text into Corel from Word has stopped workingnd

Recently I've run into a problem with using copy+paste to move text into my Corel-documents and a look around the internet showed me that similar problems have cropped up with different versions of CorelDRAW over time, but always with a different solution (or none).

In my case, I sometimes use Word to more comfortably translate snippets of text, which I then move with copy+paste into their appropriate text boxes in the Corel-documents I'm working on. But as of this week, CorelDRAW X7 suddenly refused to accept text imported via shortcuts this way. For a while, I thought the problem was with Word, but testing around revealed that the text still gets copied, and other programs can accept the copied text with zero problems.

In Corel, instead the text I've marked for replacement gets deleted and the copied text disappears, leaving a now empty text box.

After some more research, I've found someone who had a similar problem and used a .txt-file as an intermediary, which I tested. Currently I'm therefore copying my text into an open .txt-file, and then again into my Corel-document, since for some reason Corel does accept the pasted text if it's not from Word directly.

However, this is a bit clunky and I would prefer CorelDRAW working normal instead. What is causing Corel X7 to refuse text copied and pasted from Word-files?

Edit: I should probably mention, my work machine runs with Windows 8.1.

  • Can't say why it doesn't work but, as mentioned, there are several workarounds. I, for one, created a macro several years ago for this same problem.

    Copy your text from word as usual. Jump over to corel and without anything selected hit the macro icon that I've dropped into my toolbar. In one sweep it copies the text to notepad then re-copies, now just drop your text cursor at the point you want pasted and hit paste. My macro is probably not coded as efficient as it could be but...

    Sub CopyAsPlainText()
     Optimization = True
     Dim OrigSelection As ShapeRange
     Set OrigSelection = ActiveSelectionRange
     Call Shell("NOTEPAD.EXE", vbNormalFocus)
     SendKeys "^(v)"
     SendKeys "^(a)"
     SendKeys "^(c)"
     SendKeys "%{F4}"
     SendKeys "(n)"
     Optimization = False
    End Sub

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