Importing X6 Workspace into X7

I've spent a lot of time getting my workspace where I like it in X6. When I export it the only available format is to a .xslt file.  However, when I try to imort it into X7, I get this message "Valid workspace file not found at the path specified". 

The X7 import shows the ability to select .cdws, .xslt, .cwf and .cfg formats, but it will not import the .xslt from X6.

Help would be very appreciated.


  • Workspaces were completely rebuild for X7 and therefore you cannot move previous versions of workspaces forward to X7. 

    Get a nice large cup of coffee or soda, lock yourself in a room and you can have your shiny new X7 workspace knocked out in an hour, maybe two if you go nuts. 


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