Graphics Loading very slow in X7

I tried opening up a project in my CorelDraw x7 and it is loading very slow!  I JUST bought a custom build computer with 16GB and fast processor, so it should not be doing this.  I tried opening up the same project in illustrator and it loads just fine.

When I try and open in Corel,  it loads every object and layer of object one at a time.  When I try to move an object it loads everything on the screen one at a time again.

It would be very difficult to work on anything with this issue.  Any ideas what is causing this?  I'm thinking its a corel issue since it opens up fast in illustrator.

  • Hello Judy; If you just bought a Custom built computer for graphics, call them and tell them you want it set up for graphics, And tell them you Don't want any of the bull S products running on the computer at start up, stuff you want like antivirus, ect. are fine. A good CPU and mobo with 16 gig of ram should  be really fast. As you can see I'm using a i5 2500K Intel on a ASRock mobo and it's the fastest thing I have made signs with. but they are old school now and newer better toys are out to build with. You can tell them that you talked to a NUT on the net that said it sounds like it's not set up right for graphics. Big Smile And they can email me or call if they aren't sure how to set up a good graphics computer. Which Windows did you get??? I'm using 7 Utl..
      If you want you can  post a file you are having trouble with so we can take a look at it.

    George (  (804) 233-5696 )

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