Font Matching Default

We just went from X5 to X7.  A feature I used alot in X5 that really helped that I can't seem to get to work in X7 is having an existing font type used in and existing drawing default in the font pull down.

Example, we do alot of nametags and nameplates for alot of folks and it's easier to copy and paste in the names they send via email.  9 times out of 10 the font in the email is not the font used for the drawing file.  What I used to do was open the drawing, select the text icon "A" and once I got the text curser, I'd Ctrl-C the text in.  Then I'd select/hightlight an existing name and the font appears in the text/font pull down widow in the text bar.  So when I select the pasted in text and then go to the font pull down, the last used/selected font would have defaulted to first thing I'd see.

Now in X7, it doesn't do that, you have to select the existing font, remember it, esp. MT/MD/BT/BK etc. esp if you have 20 versions of the same font and then scroll till you find it.

How can I get X7 to do what it did in X5?