Turning some Pantone colors to Black!

Hi friends

I created a design file in Corel X7 and I used some pantone color in that. After doing the design and saving that, when i open the file again some Pantones turn to BLACK! 

What must i do to see my Pantone colors again?

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  • I feel this question will be asked a lot or searched a lot but there are no solutions.

    I've done a lot of testing every time I've encountered this issue.

    • Issue only happens with Pantone values.
    • The colour that turns black is the Pantone value that you've grabbed from the document palette. (CorelDraw thinks these are two different colours or belongs to a different Palette)
    • If I have a Pantone colour that I've used from the swatch PMS 186 C, and then use the same PMS 186 C from the document palette later opening that same file there will be a chance the PMS 186 C I've used from the document swatch will appear black. (But when clicking on this black object the colour name will still be PMS 186 C.


    Try your best not to use the document palette. I've trialed this out and encountered no issues; try and stick to the Pantone swatch only and ignore the document palette.

    There's no easy way to restore the colour back to original unless you click on the object to find out what the colour was.

    Try your best to keep your eye out on these changes.

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