Single page document shows as 2 pages in print preview - 2nd page blank


I have the above problem - OK so it's not a serious problem, but I can't tell CD to only print page 1 as the document is single page, so it has to "double side" print when I hit print, which is a bit irritating. Any ideas?  I have move the text & images in from the edges to make sure that it wasn't that the margins were wrong.

I have just tried "fit to page" & that does very strange things to my doc. Instead of slightly shrinking the entire document to fit on the one page, it took half of it & centered it on the page. Still wants to print a blank page 2

The document is A4 landscape, with identical text & images on each half, so I can print it out & cut to be 2 identical A5 documents.

I have turned on print tiles pages & print preview looks exactly the same as with it turned off: 1 page with the text etc all as I want it, then a second, blank page

CD, Win 10 all updates, 16GB RAM

  • I think youre going to have to post the doc.

    CorelDraw will not print extra pages if there is stuff hanging off the edge, it will just not include them.
    Not sure how it can have two pages if only one is showing in the document. Print Tiled pages would do that if there is stuff close to the edge and in the 'overlap' zone but not sure why it would do it with it off.
  • DukwSki said:
    CD, Win 10 all updates, 16GB RAM

    you didn't mention the printer. Some models of printers (ie the Konica Minota series) allows to duplicate the page inside the "properties" options of the printer. Check the printer dialog

  • I just started having this same issue.  The blank page shows up in the Print Preview.  And you get a blank page out of the printer?  What the heck?  

  • I had the same problem of the extra blank page with CoreDraw 2020 Education Edition only when I wanted to print a single page. I was using an HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw (DE0761). I had to make sure that into the HP printer menu in the Finishing Tab I unselect the "Print On Both Sides" box. It fixed the problem