Single page document shows as 2 pages in print preview - 2nd page blank


I have the above problem - OK so it's not a serious problem, but I can't tell CD to only print page 1 as the document is single page, so it has to "double side" print when I hit print, which is a bit irritating. Any ideas?  I have move the text & images in from the edges to make sure that it wasn't that the margins were wrong.

I have just tried "fit to page" & that does very strange things to my doc. Instead of slightly shrinking the entire document to fit on the one page, it took half of it & centered it on the page. Still wants to print a blank page 2

The document is A4 landscape, with identical text & images on each half, so I can print it out & cut to be 2 identical A5 documents.

I have turned on print tiles pages & print preview looks exactly the same as with it turned off: 1 page with the text etc all as I want it, then a second, blank page

CD, Win 10 all updates, 16GB RAM

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  • I had the same problem of the extra blank page with CoreDraw 2020 Education Edition only when I wanted to print a single page. I was using an HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw (DE0761). I had to make sure that into the HP printer menu in the Finishing Tab I unselect the "Print On Both Sides" box. It fixed the problem

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