Anyone notice that alt-text when you insert a bullet or longer hyphen, isn't working?

I was just using alt-text earlier, no less than one week ago doing a newsletter and today it does not work. Back to using Insert Character or the Character Map or Character Map Pro (easier to see and still works in Windows 10). Has my system gone bottom up or what gives?

I've used keyboard shortcuts for commonly used items like bullets, longer hyphens, accent marks. They no longer work.

Shortcut for alignment T, L or R or B still works.

Keyboard shortcuts aren't working in my other programs, so it seems it is a Windows 10 issue. However, Notepad which I've used as a means of striping formatting from text imported from Word, I can do all my keyboard shortcut entering and then CorelDraw can paste characters I've inserted via Alt-Text. And via this method, I can use my standard shortcuts.

At least the geniuses at Microsoft have not figured out to screw up Notepad.or