Anyone using a pdf for proofs that includes a digital signature button?

Back when we were using X4 I had a macro that would take whatever I selected and drop it onto a pre-designed 8.5 x 11 pdf proof page. Looked somewhat professional (see attached). When we upgraded to X7 the macro wouldn't work. We just resorted to making a png file for emailing proofs.We'd like to start using the pdf method again but go a step further and add a digital signature disclosure type button whereby holding the customer accountable if they approve the design. Much like mortgage companies do. Too many times we've gotten approval and either they didn't actually look at the email and missed that their phone number was wrong or name misspelled and somehow it's our fault. It's not very convenient for customers to come in a sign off on the proof. For the time being we'll be adding a statement to our proofs.