Corresponding CorelDRAW tools to create the same result for the Illustrator's "Expand Pattern Fills"?

Hello, amazing people! I am trying to submit the patterns to Shutterstock. It said in the instructions that the pattern fills need to be expanded. I don't use Illustrator and I wonder what would it mean for CorelDraw and what would be the corresponding/analogous or equivalent commands in Corel Draw to create the same result? Does it mean the patterns repeat itself when a customer will change the shape of the image or color etc.? Does someone work with Shutterstock and uses CorelDraw? Thank you very much in advance!

Here is how it works in Illustrator:

Expand Pattern Fills (ref:

All elements of vectors must be accessible so that customers can easily edit the files. Not all customers are using more recent versions of software that provide the ability to edit a pattern fill. For that reason, we require all pattern fills to be expanded.

Pattern fills can be included in your EPS file, as long as the the actual vector pattern in the EPS is expanded.

To expand a pattern fill in Adobe Illustrator:

Select the shape that contains the fill
On the menu bar go to Object > Expand
A dialogue box will pop up
Make sure that “Fill” is checked
Your pattern fill is expanded!